Overview of Services

Enrollment Benefit Concepts, LLC is one of the most experienced enrollment organizations in the United States. Our capabilities in pre-enrollment planning and enrollment implementation are unrivaled. Regardless of the size of the business and/or number of locations, we make the benefit enrollment process easy and efficient. Our Brochure provides information about how we help to manage all of the moving parts in the Benefits Enrollment and Communication.

EBC's nationwide network of licensed benefit insurance specialists receive case-specific training prior to each enrollment. This assures you of quality, efficiency and consistency throughout the enrollment process. Our firm does NOT pay commission to these benefit specialists, they are strictly salaried or paid a daily per diem.


Pre-Program Planning

Enrollment Benefit Concepts works with the employer to ensure minimum disruption of the employer's essential business activities during program planning and implementation. During this planning stage, we:

  • Obtain payroll and employee census data
  • Identify all business locations and liaison personnel
  • Conduct informational meeting(s) with appropriate liaison personnel
  • Determine the least disruptive method to schedule individual employee meetings
  • Schedule meeting times and determine appropriate location(s)
  • Prepare pre-enrollment announcement materials

Enrollment Methods

Every organization has a unique set of requirements and concerns that need to be addressed in the planning and implementation process. EBC has the capability to utilize a variety of enrollment methods, as appropriate, to increase the success and efficiency of the enrollment.

Face-to-face enrollment: This common method utilizes an individual approach to ensure confidentiality and personal service. We include education about current employer-provided benefits, communicate changes and share the value of their benefits. During this meeting, the benefit specialist and employee discuss a brief "needs analysis." We use laptop computers to promote efficiency, continuity and individual planning.

Telephonic enrollment: While employees receive an identical message as face-to-face meetings, this approach usually is implemented when logistics make employees inaccessible or when face-to-face meetings are inefficient in terms of time and resources. Telephonic enrollment always assist self-serve and online enrollment methods. 

Self enrollment: Combined with EBC’s National Call Center support and/or Face-to-Face Individual Enrollment method, self enrollment offers a convenient and efficient option for larger organizations with multiple shifts and locations.

Group enrollment: Sometimes it is just impractical or impossible to meet each individual employee. In those situations, EBC will meet with them in a group setting. Interested employees may then meet with a benefit insurance specialist face-to-face, telephonic or online to complete their applications.



An EBC implementation manager is assigned to every scheduled enrollment to help conduct planning meetings, determine the implementation schedule and establish the appropriate enrollment method. Their involvement is vital to a successful, efficient and effective enrollment.